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Learnable is a full suite of educational services that streamlines both the student and teacher experience.
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Education doesn’t need to get harder when we choose to learn smarter! Learnable is a full suite of educational services that streamlines both the student and teacher experience.

Learnable as a

This platform allows teachers to easily create digital learning material by using various authoring tools inside of Learnable. After creating the content the teachers can easily send the material to their students either via WhatsApp, through the dedicated mobile app, or via the website through a browser.

Learnable as a

Take the Learnable experience with you wherever you go! Our integrated app allows students grades 6 and above to access a whole host of fun, interactive lessons. Students will be able to partake in live group video lessons, 1-on-1 lessons, and may save lessons and content offline.

amazing features

Powerful integrations

We've integrated and partnered with some of the best digital product companies in wolrd to let you create without limitations

WhatsApp Integration

Deliver learning material via the most inclusive platform.
Users Worldwide
Smartphones Have WhatsApp Installed
Google Play Installs
Learning Path
Design a custom learning path for your learners
Super Smart
Intelligent AI driven search
Control everything in from place
See and control everything from one place
Work & collaborate better together
A well rounded solution that brings your class together and allows for collaboration
24/7 Live Customer Support
You can reach out to our support at any time if you need help
Manage your classes and see learner progress and results
Integrate content from the internet
Augmented Reality
& 3D
Enhance learner perspectives and make lessons fun with 3D & Augmented Reality
Access from anywhere

Everything is hosted in the cloud

All of your data and information is synchronized with our cloud platform so you can access it from anywhere
Keep track of your class's progress at a glance

Lesson Analytics

It's important to be able to deep-dive into what your learners are good at and what they need help with.
Get real time learner results
Get results in realtime and track learner progress as it happens
Live 1 on 1 video lessons
Connect with your learners via an education focused live video and audio lesson feature
Track time spent
Accurately track time spent on by learners on each item

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